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Let’s not pray for change in the Church; let’s live the change, right here and right now. Ecumenical Catholicism is one of many expressions of the ancient, undivided and apostolic Catholic faith where the clergy marry, women are ordained, and the Sacraments are available to persons of all orientations!  

Divorced? Two Christian traditions in your home? LGBTQI+? A woman called to leadership? Committed to fight for racial justice and the dignity of immigrants? Live your values with Charis without compromising. The Charis Community is justice-focused, sacramentally inclusive of all, and democratic in our leadership at all levels locally and nationally.

Worship That’s Both Familiar and Creative Centered in the Eucharist with creative, inclusive prayer and with thoughtful preaching that connects the Gospel to our place and time.

Collaborative, Justice-focused Leadership Lay and ordained members in community, diocesan, and national structures that are democratically led.

A Place of Integrity to Call Home A praying community keeping pace with social change that recognizes the full dignity of all persons regardless of gender or orientation.

Wherever you are on your journey, know that you are wanted and welcome at Charis, the first Ecumenical Catholic Community in Minnes

Charis Ecumenical Catholic Community is incorporated under the name Ecumenical Catholic Communion of the Twin Cities.

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