Catholicism for Today's World

11000 Blossom Road, Eden Prairie MN | Sundays @ 11:00 AM CST
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Sunday Services

Join us in the Room at 11000 Blossom Road in Eden Prairie, MN,

or on Zoom at the link below for an interactive contemporary Catholic Mass.

11:00 AM CST Sundays

About Us

  • All are welcome – really! Divorced, LGBTQIA2s+, female/married priests.
  • We are your neighbors, and we are seeking meaning and spiritual sustenance.
  • We are justice driven and look for ways to reach out to others.
  • We are everywhere on the spectrum of belief, from non-believers to those with passionate convictions. Bring your questions no matter how challenging.
  • We are engaging, fun, warm, thoughtful listeners.
  • We are open-minded seekers and believe God is still speaking through many faith traditions, holy voices, and our lived experience.

Ecumenical Catholicism

Charis is the first community of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion (ECC) in Minnesota. The ECC belongs to the World Council of Churches and collaborates with many other inclusive Catholic jurisdictions in the United States.

Upholding Catholic Tradition

  • The teachings and person of Jesus Christ
  • The Nicene Creed
  • Sacramental and liturgical tradition
  • Apostolic tradition and succession

World Council of Churches

Reverends Trish Vanni and Brian Ashmankas are shaping the movement of inclusive Catholicism. Join us and them!

Vatican II Vision

We live a vision consistent with Vatican II:

  • Familiar worship in plain, inclusive language.
  • Lay and ordained leaders who connect the Gospel to our place and time.
  • The primacy of conscience in the lives of Christians

Our Mission & Vision

Mission: We are People of God baptized in Christ who practice our Catholic faith as a discipleship of equals, extending welcome and full sacramental participation to all, regardless of gender identity, orientation, or marital status.

Vision: To be a thriving and profoundly connected community in which the driving focus is love without judgment, authentic inclusion, service to others, following Jesus Christ, and learning from the witness of holy people throughout the ages.


Experience Charis through our Easter Celebration!