Our Journey to Easter

This Week: How are we “Called?”

Weekly Overview:

“It would be impossible to count the number of voices – both literal and metaphorical – that call to us everyday of our lives. Family and friends, Co-workers and neighbors, Digital media and print media (yes, some still does exist!). Voices both present and past. On and on the list goes. Of all of the voices that call to us on a daily basis, which ones do we listen to? Which do we say “no” to? Which ones are like a pesky Jiminy Cricket sitting on our shoulders that we would silence if we could? And how do we discern what is the voice of God amid all of this? In the story of the Woman at the Well, we meet a woman who literally hears the voice of Jesus and discovers a new call for her unfinished life. God promises that Jesus does the same for us.”             © Church Anew

Vocare Practice:
Reflect upon the voices that call to you
• How do I typically decide which voices I listen to?
• What voices called to me today?
• Which ones did I listen to?
• Which ones did I not listen to?
• What do I need for tomorrow?

Ideas for Families

Invitation: Settle (relax, even!) into the unfinished.
We live in a market economy that works every day to convince us that we need more – more toys and the latest technology and a fancier kitchen backsplash and a higher-paying job and also curlier
hair but maybe straight hair and then also that one pair of shoes. We’re always chasing something “more,” convinced that once we have it, our lives will be truly great. But what if they’re great already and we’re missing it? Even if some of those “upgrades” are still really desirable, what if we made a conscious effort to feel content this week with who we are and what we have already? What if we recognized our
unfinishedness as a constant state of being that could run in the background rather than giving it center stage?
This week, practice settling into who you are now, what you have now, where you are now. See if it changes how you feel in your body. See if it changes how you show up for your life! In your time together as a family, name the times and places each day where you generally focus more on what will be rather than on what is. Talk about how it feels to make a conscious decision to bring your focus back to what is, and to seek joy in that headspace.   
© Church Anew

A few thoughts from Trish 

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